Ethics. Innovation. Environment.
Sustainable Growth

About us

EF Group, is a holding company of technologically advanced enterprises in the metallurgical field. Our path is toward a future where growth, sustainability and innovation are inextricably linked

Our Vision

We are a solid and strategic partner. We develop innovative solutions based on a strategic vision of sustainability, research and continuous evolution

Core Values: Keywords

Leadership, quality, focus on people, integrity, transparency, environmental concern, change and innovation

Our companies

Today EF Group, the centrepiece of the companies’ portfolio, represents the union of three manufacturing entities of excellence

Fonderia di Torbole develops, manufactures and sells brake discs and brake drums, raw and machined castings for the Automotive industry

We create value for our customers through an extensive and innovative range of products and services developed with a sustainable and responsible approach

Fond-Stamp is specialized in the production of cast iron and steel castings made from disposable polystyrene patterns.

Areas of our commitment

We believe

In the integrity, ethics and sustainability of our actions

We take care

each of our customers with excellence in our products, services and behaviour.

We build a future

in the service of sustainable development that benefits the environment, people and a truly inclusive society.


Emissions, Energy, Waste, Raw materials, Environmental compliance, Renewable sources


Occupational health and safety, Training and enhancement of human capital, Corporate welfare, Employment support, Sustainable governance, Diversity and equal opportunity, Involvement and focus on communities


Environmental, social and a corporate governance

EF Group Drivers

Environmental, social and a corporate governance

Today the group is engaged in major challenges along the lines identified for socially responsible and environmentally sustainable growth. EF Group’s business model is to create shared value to produce a successful industrial model characterized by extreme attention to safe working environments and strict respect for the environment.


Our technologies in favour of reducing environmental impact.

With these activities we intend to develop a path of energy and environmental sustainability of business processes, in order to identify long-term solutions useful for industrial planning, CO2eq emissions reduction and the definition of a transition strategy towards a low-carbon economy.

Human Resources

For us, people are a real asset and each person, strong in their knowledge and skills, represents the lever of our company’s success

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Full time people




hours of training (2022 data )


Training and Safety

People and their skills are a key element in the company’s success and growth.

This is precisely why we invest relentlessly in training, implementing various initiatives aimed at both enhancing specific skills and fostering personal growth.

Our way
to sustainability

Creating shared value

An increasingly strategic and articulated path of sustainability, which aims at the progressive integration of ESG issues in every aspect of the company’s business: from policies in favour of people to the expansion of activities related to environmental sustainability in order to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, with a view to sharing and transparency towards all stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and communities in all the territories in which it operates.

Enrico Frigerio

CEO EF Group S.p.A.

“In a complex and delicate historical period like the one we are going through, I want to thank all our collaborators for always accepting the challenges and everyday changes with commitment, competence and with a common mission, to be sustainable.”



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