Safety culture


For us, people are real assets, and each person, with the strength of their knowledge and skills, is the lever of our company’s success.

Safety culture

Health and Safety

Over the years, we have devoted time and resources to health and safety protection, and in this prevention perspective we have always focused on technological improvement by investing in innovation and the promotion of a culture of prevention, constantly training all the people who work with us every day.

Safety culture


People and their skills are a key element in the company’s success and growth.

This is precisely why we invest incessantly in training, implementing various initiatives aimed both at enhancing specific skills and fostering personal growth.

Protecting the health and well-being of workers

We believe that the welfare of our people represents a great opportunity for the company to develop and improve the quality of life of employees

Value of human capital

This vision stems from the recognition of the potential and value of human capital in the company, family and society, and we believe it is a goal that all companies should aim for.

Improving the quality of work and life

Since time we have made available to our people a range of services aimed at improving their quality of work and life. These include various welfare initiatives.

Human Resources

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