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Sustainable Growth

Our path is toward a future where growth, sustainability and innovation are inextricably linked
Our Way

Strategies for transition to a low-carbon economy

Confirming the attention devoted to environmental issues, EF Group companies continue on the path of assessing the Carbon Footprint of Organization, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2019.

With this activity we intend to develop a path of energy and environmental sustainability of the business processes of our companies, in order to identify long-term solutions useful for industrial planning, the reduction of CO2eq emissions and the definition of a transition strategy towards a low-carbon economy.

The activity launched will guide us toward a new multi-sectoral approach, oriented toward the sustainable use of natural capital, and toward the definition of a “Sustainable Energy Program” that will include analyses and practices to be implemented by the group’s companies in order to reduce their emission and environmental impact and improve their performance in terms of saving resources and protecting the environment.

An increasingly strategic and articulated path of sustainability, which aims at the progressive integration of ESG issues in every aspect of the company’s business: from policies in favour of people to the expansion of activities related to environmental sustainability in order to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, with a view to sharing and transparency towards all stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and communities in all the territories in which it operates.

Enrico Frigerio

CEO EF Group


Responsible and environmentally sustainable growth

Attention to the Ecosystem

In producing particular safety devices and components for prestigious customers, we conduct our activities in a way that achieves results of excellence, with a strong focus on the environment, energy issues and worker health protection, all in support of the ecosystem in which we operate and in compliance with the provisions outlined in the company’s Code of Ethics.

Research and Prevention

We therefore strive every day to identify and eliminate possible negative environmental and worker safety impacts related to our equipment, activities, products and services throughout their life cycle in order to prevent the occurrence of occupational injuries and illnesses.

Compliance with all applicable regulations

We are committed to complying with all environmental, energy and safety laws and regulations enacted at local, regional, national and EU levels in order to pursue a progressive lowering of the threshold of acceptable risks, and have introduced EHS practices to prevent potential crimes.

We intend to achieve a high level of environmental, energy and safety performance through the implementation of our management systems.

Our Way

The culture of sustainability

Sustainability is a challenge that generates opportunity as well as value for the environment and people. Companies that commit to integrating sustainability within their business model succeed in managing resources efficiently, thereby creating value for the company.

Sustainability is the voluntary choice to willingly integrate social and environmental aspects into one’s daily production activities.

We believe that the overall performance of a company and the effectiveness of its actions are closely related to the well-being of the social context in which it operates and the impact generated on the environment.

For these reasons, sustainability is fully integrated into business and Governance, aimed at defining the strategy to best meet market challenges and the achievement of our growth objectives, as well as to create shared value in the long run.

Our aspiration is to progressively integrate “sustainability” into the daily actions of all business activities, so as to achieve consistent operations in line with the most virtuous and advanced companies in the field.

Our awareness starts from a careful view of corporate values, constantly updated and shared internally, so as to align the Sustainability Report, Code of Ethics, Supplier Code of Conduct and Internal Policies.

We have embarked on a dedicated sustainability journey by conducting analyses to assess the integration of these issues into the corporate fabric and the quantification of the climate footprint associated with our production activities.

next steps

Our history, our business, and our values have always distinguished our way of doing business over the years, which is why we are always oriented toward looking ahead without neglecting anything of all that surrounds us: our goal is to generate value for all stakeholders.

That is why we set commitments to fulfil and goals to achieve:

we will meet or improve all EEHS requirements and internal standards applicable to the organization

we will pursue an aggressive policy of environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution risks

we will encourage waste recovery and recycling and efficient use of energy

we will conserve natural resources, striving to limit waste of energy and materials so as to improve energy efficiency

we will reduce emissions of micropollutants (dioxins) and total dust

we will periodically analyse environmental aspects related to our activities, assessing their impacts taking into account the ecosystem context and requests from stakeholders



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